50 Viking Names with Meanings for Boys & Girls

50 Viking Names with Meanings for Boys & Girls

Viking names are not only fascinating but they also carry with them a deep sense of history and strength. Originating from the Nordic lore and the sagas of Scandinavia, these names often embody characteristics valued by the Viking society such as bravery, wisdom, and the connection to nature. Whether you're naming a child, a character in a story, or just curious about Viking culture, exploring the meanings behind these names can be quite enlightening. Here are 50 Viking names for boys and girls, complete with their origins and meanings.

Viking Names for Boys

  1. Erik (Eiríkr) - Meaning "eternal ruler," a name borne by many kings and warriors of old Scandinavia.
  2. Leif (Leifr) - Meaning "descendant" or "heir," famously borne by Leif Erikson, the legendary Norse explorer.
  3. Bjorn (Bjǫrn) - Means "bear," symbolizing strength and bravery.
  4. Thor (Þórr) - Named after the Norse god of thunder, a symbol of might and protection.
  5. Ivar (Ívarr) - Meaning "bow warrior," it’s a name associated with legendary Viking leaders.
  6. Ragnar (Ragnarr) - Meaning "warrior" or "judgment," it's famously held by Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Viking figure.
  7. Harald (Haraldr) - Means "ruler of the army," a common name for kings in Norse history.
  8. Sigurd (Sigurðr) - Means "victory guardian," a hero of Norse sagas.
  9. Knud (Knútr) - Meaning "knot," perhaps indicating strength, complexity, and endurance.
  10. Sven (Sveinn) - Meaning "boy" or "youth," a popular name in Viking and modern times.

Viking Names for Girls

  1. Astrid (Ástríðr) - Means "beautiful, loved," possibly derived from the Norse elements for god and beautiful.
  2. Freya (Freyja) - Named after the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Norse mythology.
  3. Ingrid (Ingríðr) - Means "beautiful" or "beloved."
  4. Helga (Helga) - Meaning "holy" or "blessed," indicating high moral or spiritual status.
  5. Sigrid (Sigríðr) - Means "victory," "wisdom," and "beautiful."
  6. Brynhild (Brynhildr) - Means "armored warrior" or "battle armor," a valkyrie in Norse legend.
  7. Gudrun (Guðrún) - Means "god's secret lore," a powerful figure in the Volsunga saga.
  8. Edda (Edda) - A name derived from Old Norse, meaning "great grandmother," also associated with the "Poetic Edda," a collection of old Norse poems.
  9. Ylva (Ylva) - Means "she-wolf," symbolizing strength and fierceness.
  10. Ranveig (Ranveig) - Means "house woman" or "strong house," possibly denoting protection.

Unisex Viking Names

  1. Dagny (Dagný) - Means "new day," symbolizing hope.
  2. Kari (Kári) - Means "wind," a natural element revered by the Vikings.
  3. Arne (Arne) - Means "eagle," representing wisdom and perspective.
  4. Hilde (Hildr) - Means "battle," a common element in Viking names.
  5. Roar (Hróarr) - Means "fame and spear," combining elements of warfare and glory.

Lesser-Known Viking Names for Boys

  1. Torsten (Þorsteinn) - Means "Thor's stone," a blend of godly influence and solidity.
  2. Asmund (Ásmundr) - Means "god protection," a spiritual guardian.
  3. Hakon (Hákon) - Means "high son," indicating noble descent.
  4. Gunnar (Gunnarr) - Means "warrior," an ever-popular choice for boys in Norse cultures.
  5. Jarl (Jarl) - Means "nobleman" or "leader," a title used in medieval Scandinavia.

Lesser-Known Viking Names for Girls

  1. Solveig (Sólveig) - Means "sun strength" or "way to the sun," symbolizing vitality and life.
  2. Alfhild (Álfhildr) - Means "elf battle," suggesting mythical beauty and fierceness.
  3. Eir (Eir) - Named after the Norse goddess of healing.
  4. Thyra (Þyra) - Means "thunder," an element of immense power.
  5. Swanhild (Svanhildr) - Means "swan battle," combining grace with warrior spirit.

Scandinavian Names Influenced by Viking Culture

  1. Lars (Lárus) - Derived from the Latin name Laurentius, meaning "from Laurentum."
  2. Nils (Níels) - A derivative of Nicholas, meaning "victory of the people."
  3. Oskar (Óskar) - Possibly means "deer lover" or "God spear."
  4. Maja (Maja) - A name that possibly means "mother" or "great."
  5. Sten (Sten) - Means "stone," symbolizing strength and endurance.

Viking Names Rooted in Nature

  1. Bergen (Bergen) - Means "mountain," reflecting the rugged landscapes of Scandinavia.
  2. Fjord (Fjǫrðr) - Named after the dramatic sea inlets that define the Norwegian coastline.
  3. Haldor (Halldór) - Means "Thor's rock," combining divine influence with the steadfast nature of stone.
  4. Storm (Stormr) - Symbolizes the powerful and often unpredictable nature.
  5. Skadi (Skaði) - Named after the goddess of winter and hunting, embodying survival and strength.

Mythological Viking Names

  1. Vali (Váli) - Born for the sole purpose of avenging his brother Baldr, as per Norse mythology.
  2. Baldur (Baldr) - The god of light and purity in Norse mythology, beloved by all.
  3. Loki (Loki) - A complex figure known for his trickery and cunning.
  4. Odin (Óðinn) - The chief of the Norse gods, associated with war, wisdom, and magic.
  5. Tyr (Týr) - The god of war, known for his bravery and law-giving.


Viking names carry rich meanings and offer a unique glimpse into the values and culture of ancient Norse society. Whether inspired by gods, nature, or the attributes of strength and bravery, these names can provide not only a unique identity but also a meaningful connection to a storied past. Choosing a Viking name for your child could bestow a sense of heritage, strength, and an enduring spirit. Whether you're drawn to the allure of mythology, the beauty of nature, or the valor of historical warriors, there's a Viking name that's sure to be a perfect fit.

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