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Tales of Valhalla

Berserker Bear Bracelet with Wooden Viking Box

Berserker Bear Bracelet with Wooden Viking Box

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For a limited time, seize the opportunity to own this unique accessory and receive a complimentary Wooden Viking Box, adding an extra touch of Norse charm to your collection.

⚔️ Unleash the Power of the Bear with Our Rugged Viking Steel Bracelet! ⚔️

Crafted with the spirit of the Norse bear in mind, our rugged steel dual chain bracelet features a mesmerizing knotwork bear's head clasp, forged from durable steel. This bracelet is not just an accessory; it is a symbolic journey into the divine power of bears in Norse mythology.

  • Metal: 316L Stainless Steel Never Fade And No Allergy
  • Handmade, Made to Order item
  • Clasp Closure

🐻 Embrace the Symbolism: In Norse myth, bears are revered symbols of divine power. Odin and Thor, powerful deities in Norse mythology, often took on the guise of bears during their visits to the human world. Bears were considered forefathers of man in ancient times, symbolizing wisdom, strength, and healing that bring balance to both the seen and unseen worlds.

📜 History Woven into Knotwork: The intricate knotwork bear's head clasp on this bracelet tells tales of a thriving bear cult during the Viking Age. Berserkers, champions who fought with exceptional ferocity, were often associated with bears, showcasing the powerful connection between the Norse and these sacred animals.

🗡️ Legal Matters and Holmgång: Historical sources, such as the "Law of the Western Goths" in ancient Sweden, describe legal matters involving man-to-man duels known as holmgång, where berserkers or champions fought on behalf of others. This bracelet echoes the spirit of those fierce warriors.

🌌 Sacred Animals and Yuletide Gifts: Bears were considered sacred animals with powerful spirits, and polar bears were impressive Yuletide gifts to Viking kings and chieftains in pre-Christian Scandinavia and Finland. The bracelet pays homage to the sacred bond between the Norse and these majestic creatures.

📜 Live the Legend: For consistency, we refer to the geographical area of ancient Fenno-Scandinavia as "Thule," a term handed down to us from Pytheas, a Greek mariner from antiquity. Live the legend with our rugged Viking steel bracelet and carry the spirit of the bear with you.

Wear the Power of the Bear - A Symbol of Divine Strength and Wisdom!

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