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Tales of Valhalla

Fenrir's Bite Wolf Bracelets

Fenrir's Bite Wolf Bracelets

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Length (including the clasp on the wolf mouth)

For a limited time, seize the opportunity to own this unique accessory and receive a complimentary Wooden Viking Box, adding an extra touch of Norse charm to your collection.

Unleash the untamed spirit within with our Fenrir's Bite Wolf Head Bracelets, a tribute to the monstrous wolf Fenrir and the indomitable strength he embodies. In Norse mythology, Fenrir's fearsome reputation stems from his destiny to kill Odin the Allfather during Ragnarok, the cataclysmic battle.

🐺 The Saga of Fenrir: Fenrir's notoriety grew as he proved to be a force that even the gods feared. In a bid to control him, the gods bound Fenrir with chains, and only the dwarves' creation, Gleipnir, proved unbreakable. Fenrir, sensing trickery, demanded a gesture of good faith - a god placing their hand in his mouth. Tyr, the god of courage and justice, willingly sacrificed his hand to bind Fenrir. However, this act of sacrifice ultimately led to Fenrir fulfilling his destiny, severing Tyr's hand and symbolizing the untamed savagery that defies control.

🌌 Symbol of Unbridled Strength: Fenrir's Bite Wolf Head Bracelets are not just accessories; they are symbols of unbridled strength, destiny, and the inevitable forces that shape our existence. Each bracelet is a testament to the cosmic struggle between gods and the wild ferocity embodied by Fenrir.

⚔️ Key Features:

  • Intricate Wolf Head Design: Crafted with meticulous detail, the bracelets feature an intricate wolf head design that captures the essence of Fenrir's fearsome presence.
  • Durable Materials: Made from high-quality materials 316L Stainless Steel, these bracelets are a lasting symbol of strength, destined to stand the test of time.
  • Tribute to Tyr's Sacrifice: Each bracelet pays homage to Tyr's sacrifice, a narrative etched into the design, reminding wearers of the courage needed to face untamed forces.

🌟 Embrace the Saga - Wear Fenrir's Bite: Become part of the cosmic saga with Fenrir's Bite Wolf Head Bracelets. Wear the untamed spirit and carry the symbolism of Fenrir's destiny with you. Order now and embrace the strength that defies even the gods. ⚡

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