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Tales of Valhalla

Ultimate Single Shoulder Armor

Ultimate Single Shoulder Armor

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In the age of warriors and legends, where valor meets steel, emerges the Medieval Viking Assassin Single Shoulder Armor. Crafted for the noble knight or fierce gladiator, these Fur Pauldrons stand as a testament to strength and style.

Adorned with faux fur and fashioned from resilient PU leather, this armor embodies the spirit of the battlefield. With a single shoulder design reminiscent of ancient guardians, it offers both protection and agility in the heat of combat.

Embrace your role in the grand theater of history, whether for cosplay, revelry, or the stage. With every stitch and detail, these Spaulders whisper tales of daring escapades and valorous deeds.

For in the realm of adventure and fantasy, where warriors tread and legends are born, the Medieval Viking Assassin Single Shoulder Armor awaits its hero. Let it be your companion on your journey through the annals of time.

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